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We install stairlifts for your home in VA or NC

Do you have trouble getting from one floor to the other? Romar Elevators installs stairlifts to improve your mobility when you live in a multi-level residence. Our certified professional will visit your home to show you the available options.

We back our stairlift installations with a warranty on the parts and labor. You can get maintenance service when you need it to ensure your stairlift is always working properly.

Get an estimate on a stairlift for your home by contacting Romar Elevators today.

Get access to every level of your house

Get access to every level of your house

A stairlift parks alongside the railing and offers a smooth ride up the stairs while you're seated in a chair. Here are a few features of our stairlifts:

  • No jerking movements while starting or stopping
  • No slipping while going up or down the stairs
  • Easy mounting and dismounting with swivel seats

Your stairlift will be set up in the most convenient way for the easy, comfortable access. Call 434-836-5321 today to learn more about a stairlift for your home.